.Breast Health Education Series by Meridian Health    
Rotary member Virginia Khoudary (left),owner of the Allstate Insurance Agency in Jackson, and Meridian representative Dawn Smith
As a part of the Susan G. Komen supported Breast Health Education Series by Meridian Health, Yolanda Tammaro, MD  conducted a presentation regarding the various indicators and risk factors in relation to breast cancer. She stressed what environmental factors may or may not impact someone developing the disease, and also dispelled some rumors and myths relative to breast cancer. She also advised that due to support given by the Susan G. Komen organization, women who may not be able to afford mammography or have insurance may be able to obtain this medical service at no cost , and even get transportation to radiological office to have the tests done.
She also stated that while the overwhelming majority of cases of breast cancer are in women, men still are afflicted  to some degree.
Dr. Tammaro, left in photo, was accompanied to the meeting by Wendy Smith, on the  right, of Meridian Health..