During our quest for a second home, for the evening meetings from 5:30 PM top 6:30 PM on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month, we tried Solo Bella Italian Restaurant, Chandler Road, Jackson, where we found the food good, and the wait service fine, but were sadly disappointed in the accommodations presented for our use, especially since we had spoken with the manager several weeks before, and told her exactly what we wanted, and was assured that would be no problem. Apparently, it was a problem, since we were caused to not only be squeezed into an area which was not accommodating to our meeting space requirement, but we even caused the restaurant to ask a couple, already eating their meal, to move their table in order to help the restaurant accommodate our seating needs. While we did not have to, since the issue was not our fault, we nevertheless offered the couple dessert on us--which they refused.
Since we were unhappy with the setup offered by Solo Bella, we decided we must try another location. Member Mike Goldberger mentioned a location right next door, Roman Italian Restaurant, which he stated had not only goods food, but a separate dining area which he could close off for our use.
Going over to speak with the owner, we found him to be not only very accommodating, and eager for our business, but also found that he is a former Rotarian, and someone interested in helping his community. Therefore, we will be having our next evening meeting, on October 20, 2016, .at Roman's Ristorante Italiano, located at 440 Chandler Road, Jackson, NJ.