Posted on Jul 05, 2018
The most recent District 7500 Rotary Youth Leadership Awards training, which ran from June 29 through July 3, was closed with a rousing ceremony at the hosting site, Monmouth University, West Long Branch's Pollack Theatre. Jackson Rotary sponsored 12 Jackson High School students who attended, out of the approximately 180 teens who attended this year. Additionally, there were about 60 advisors, counselors and student leaders who worked diligently to make the program a success. 2018-2019 District 7505 Governor Bill Donnelly, along with Immediate Past-Governor 7500 Diane Rotondelli were in attendance, and Gov. Donnelly made a very poignant welcoming speech to all of the parents and guests. Following are some photos from the closing ceremony...
Welcome to the Ceremony from the Public Speaking Guild of RYLA students.

Gov. Donnelly's Welcoming Speech.
Introducing some of the Student Leaders
All of the RYLA attendees and staff sing their goodbye.