The Jackson Rotary has once again made a sizable donation of $1500 to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Jackson. The focus of the Catholic based charity is to help those in need, which the Society has been doing since  November 20, 1845, when the first organizing meeting of the Society in the United States took place.
Rotary members Tom Barchie and Luke Stango present check to St. Vincent De Paul Society 
Society President-General Adolpe Baudon, in his Circular Letter of January 1, 1877, wrote:
"It is laid down in our Rule, and it has been always understood among us, that in uniting to serve our masters the poor, as St. Vincent de Paul expresses it, our object is not only to relieve material misery, a very laudable purpose in itself, but to aspire, especially, through the practice of that most sublime of virtues "charity" to render ourselves better and more fervent Christians, and to make our poor enter on the same path, if we have the happiness of succeeding."
Although the Society has a primarily Catholic membership and is based on Catholic spiritual principles, they provide assistance to whoever seeks it, without judgement or prejudice. It is for this general principle that the Jackson Rotary feels honored to be able to help the Society in their assisting our less fortunate neighbors.